At the start of our ‘campaign’ on HTC, we started to emphasize our focus on the English players in the neighbourhood. At the start of 2020 we added the translate button at the bottom of the screen. This way all the text can be translated to English. Unfortunately the pictures won’t be translated, but any information on the site can be explained by the head coach Stefan.

  • Classes are available in English, private and grouplessons
  • Private lessons are 35 euro’s for one hour, grouplessons depend on the size of the group. Ask about all the grouplessons prices for Stefan.
  • To receive classes at HTC you either have to me a member of the club or rent a court at the club. Membership costs are 140 euro’s a year for 18+ players and 75 euro’s a year for juniors. The price of renting a court (inside or outside) is depending on the time you want to rent the court. I’d recommend becoming a clubmember since it’s cheaper and you will get the advantages of becoming a member as well: you can book a court (inside and outside) whenever you like and a court is free, all the activities on the club, you will get to know more people at the club because of these activities and the bartending.
  • If you have more questions, call Stefan at 06-33754347. He will be happy to help!